Exploring India 2009 – Mount Abu

Oct 06


Being in the dessert, the heat can be unbearable sometimes. The nearest place to escape the heat is Mount Abu. It was only 5 hours of bus ride from Udaipur. When I reached the peak of Mount Abu, it was already night time. Together with David, Stefano and his sister Giulia, we lunged our backpack looking for a room in a chilly night. After a short walk, we managed to find one. To cut cost, I shared a room with David. Even though I cannot recall the name of the guest house, I remember that it was the only guest house that provide WiFi facility throughout my journey in India. However, like everything else in India, nothing is free. Mount Abu has some remarkable sights especially Dilwara Temples. It is a Jain temple and famous for its intricate carving. Too bad, cameras are not allowed inside the temples. Otherwise you will be amaze as much as I did. Other than that, I had some crazy experience when hordes of local tourists surrounded me to take photograph with me when I was waiting for sunset at Sunset Point. Ah… my 10-minutes moment of fame.

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