Gunung Mulu National Park on Budget – Other Expenses and Packing List

Nov 05

On top of that, you will need to pay for the park entrance fee at RM10 per person and another RM10 per person for a 2-way airport transfer. So in summary for a 3D/2N visit at Gunung Mulu National Park, you will need to budget at least RM184 per person (excluding meals and flight tickets). To include 5 meals at RM10 per meal and the cheapest return flights from KL to Mulu I can get right now (via AirAsia and MASwings), the total expenses should be no more than RM550 per person. It could be cheaper if there is a promotion from both airlines.

If you have visited Mulu before, you may want to try out other more adventurous options available such trekking to the Pinnacles. They may take more time and more expenses.

Other than food stuffs, these are some items you should include in your packing list.

  • A good walking shoe. Even though the routes to all 4 show caves are easy stroll on the wooden plank, there is a lot of walking and climbing to do.
  • Swimming attire. It is fun to swim at the entrance of Clearwater Cave and Paku Waterfall. So don’t miss it.
  • Flash light or headlamp. Even though all 4 show caves have lights lit along the way, it is not bright enough to see in details. Also good to shine your way through staircases.
  • Poncho or raincoat. They don’t call Gunung Mulu National Park a rain forest for no reason.
  • Insect repellent. The bats may do a good job at keeping the insects populations at check, but it is good to keep a can of insect repellent for just in case.

There you have it; a complete guide to explore Gunung Mulu National Park at shoestring budget.


  1. Deirdre /

    Just wanted to say:
    Like your informative descriptions, as it is very hard to find detailed information about travelling in Borneo and especially the National Parks, if you want to go budget.
    Ps like your quote even more.
    Keep up the good work! Enjoy life

  2. joleen /

    very nice description about Mulu! initially i was thinking to book the 4D/3N Mulu tour, but after reading your blog, i am confident enough to explore Mulu myself!

    a few questions,

    1. do i need to pre-book for all the activities at Mulu (including the access to the show caves?)
    2. how far is the distance from Mulu airport to the Mulu national park?
    3. can we access to the Mulu pinnacles trek without advance booking?

    thank you very much! keep writing! ๐Ÿ™‚


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