Borneo – Backpacking in my own backyard

Dec 05

Believe it or not, I have backpacked across India, Bangladesh, China, Macau, Hong Kong and almost every countries in South East Asia except in my very own country Malaysia. That’s right. I never backpacked alone anywhere in Malaysia and worse still, I never visited Sarawak. That’s why I did not hesitate to book my flight to Borneo when I found cheap ticket from AirAsia. It was so cheap that I booked total of 7 flights for a 7-day visit. These are the flights that I have booked:

  1. Penang – Kuching (via AirAsia – RM36.50)
  2. Kuching – Miri (via AirAsia – RM101.50)
  3. Miri – Mulu (via MasWings – RM111)
  4. Mulu – Miri (via MasWings – RM111)
  5. Miri – Kota Kinabalu (via AirAsia – RM36.50)
  6. Kota Kinabalu – Penang (via AirAsia – RM33.50)
  7. Bandar Seri Begawan – KL (via AirAsia – RM158.50)

If you look at it, it doesn’t make sense. It is because my journey was not fix. I kept my options open and in the end, I skipped flight #5 and #6. That’s the beauty of traveling alone. I do not need a fix plan. If my friends are following, they would have screamed their head off at me.

I began my 1 week Borneo adventure in mid-October to take advantage of the Deepavali holidays. I landed in Kuching airport around night time and shared a taxi with some local tourists to the waterfront. After a short walk, I reached my guest house; B&B Inn and stayed there for 2 nights. I had a wonderful time throughout my stays there. The private fan room was spacious, clean and it only cost RM25 a night. Most important, it has free wifi. The staffs are friendly too. We went out drinking, eating and even watched a movie in a cinema together. I did not hesitate when the owner invited me to follow him in his car when he wanted to go out to do some errant around town.

Kuching is a pedestrian friendly town. It wasn’t that big and most interesting places are cramped around the waterfront. However, the real attractions are all located far from the town and suitable for day trip. Since I was only there for 2 days, I decided to take it easy and sampled as much local delicacies as possible while strolling around the waterfront. Sometimes, I felt like at home because most of local Chinese speaks hokkien dialect but the slang is a little bit off. The city is pleasantly slow and relaxing because there are not many cars on the road and most places are not crowded. For example, I went to watch a movie in a cinema and it has only 4 persons including myself in the cinema hall. I was there during Deepavali celebration but it was not a public holiday in Sabah and Sarawak mainly because there are not many Indians around. The city’s Little India has more Chinese than Indians. I would like to end this post with some photos I took around Kuching.

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