The Worst Applicant for The Best Job in The World

Jan 17

Most probably you have heard about this job before. It was all over the TV and newspapers. All you need to do for 6 months are explore the Great Barrier Reef and report back, clean the pool, feed the fish and collect the mail. At the end of the day, your paycheck will be a whooping AUD$150,000 (RM360,000). Who can resist that? Naturally it attracts everyone from all over the world. To apply for the job, every wishful applicants have to submit a short video explaining why they are the suitable candidate. Browsing through the videos itself are entertaining. It has become some kind of virtual reality show. While some are really good and creative, but the one that really steal the show are those who in my humble opinion will not get the job simply because they are really bad. You might get a few good laugh along the way but the the worst that I have come across has to be Jack Chen from China…



Can’t understand what he is trying to say. The only words I managed to get are “I am Jack, #+=@#*^%?~$# because, it is my dream. OK?”

So who do you think is the worst?

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