Sleeping like a homeless folks

Jan 21

I am writing this while waiting for my flight to Siem Reap later this morning. My flight is 7am and now is 12 midnight. That means I have to wait in the airport for at least 6 hours before I can check in. However I found a fairly good spot to sleep tonight. Even though it is on a cold LCCT floor, at least it is quite, away from the crowd and it is in free WIFI zone. Luckily, I managed to ‘borrow’ a piece of carton box paper to sleep on.

I shall know how it feels to sleep in public place tonight!

After a good night sleep (hopefully), I will embark on a journey that means a lot to me. It is not merely about climbing the giant steps of Angkor Wat or the cheap traditional Thai massage or cruising down Mekong river. It is a journey more for self discovery than sight seeing.

How does it feels like to be on my own?
Is my career truly portable?
Is it fun to travel alone?
Can I be independent?

These are some of the questions I hope to find the answer during my journey and I shall share them with you. So stay tune for more updates. Coming up next: Angkor Wat! Until then, good night everyone.

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  1. Tacret Fish /

    seen u like to go many places, love it!

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