Longest bus ride

Aug 02

So far the longest bus ride I ever took is 15 hours overnight bus from PingXiang to Zhuhai in China. What so unique about the bus is it does not have any seats (except for the driver). All passengers get to sleep on a bed! If you think it is a good idea, actually it is not. See it for yourself.

If you notice above everyone’s head, there is a plastic bag. In it is a pair of shoe. I tell you, you don’t want to smell a traveler’s shoe. It smells like kiam hu (salted fish) after hours of walking. There were like 40 over passengers in the bus that day. So imagine, 40 over of kiam hu in a confined air-cond room.

Not only that. The bus stopped only twice for toilet break in a 15 hours bus ride. So, most ppl who cannot hold it, has to use the toilet at the back of the bus. If the shoes are kiam hu, then the toilet must be chamber than keep chau tau fu (fermented bean curd).

Both combined, a really stinky bus.

However, after few hours, I got immune to the smell and fell asleep anyway.

And this is me waking up after another poor chap opened the toilet door.

So you see, the ride is long not because it took 15 hours to reach the destination, but because of the unbearable stench from kiam hu and cau tau fu combo.


  1. this article is good, at least, u did experience something that ppl dunno and show it to people.

    unlike nicole one’s, she only talk about how she spend and nothing interesting at all, only her modeling pictures.

    and for urs, it is good to know that there is actually some bus that only have bed, 1st time i hear about this

  2. Esther /

    Haha! It’s the same kinda bus I took in India from Manipal to Bangalore. The ride was 10 hours long. No seats, only beds. One side single bed, another side double bed. No toilet by the roadside. No toilet in the bus. They’ll only stop and let you pee by the roadside. And the road was so winding and uneven. Can’t even have a nice sleep. Feel like I’m staying inside a milk shake jar. You got kiam hu bi, I got ‘kelinga’ bi. Lol. Next time come India you experience it yourself. Hee.

  3. sharon /

    i am beginning to feel faint thinking i need to take a 16 hour ride from Kunming to Zhongdian…. although i hv survived the 12-hour one from Kunming to Lu Chun

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