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Feb 13

Since this is the season for love, let me share a topic that I have been avoiding most of the time; love. You see, I have not involve in any serious relationship for quite some time now. Most people thought that I am choosy or even worse a gay. Firstly, I am definitely NOT gay and secondly, I am still waiting to meet the right girl. I cannot simply pick one for the sake of having a family. So, what kind of girl is the right girl? I wish I can answer that as easy as this…

Girlfriend Wanted


  1. Talk for hours on the telephone
  2. Cuddle together on the couch when watching movies
  3. Travel to strange places and get lost in the world of our own
  4. Sharing dreams and achieving them together
  5. Holding hands in the park or in the car
  6. Steal kisses in public places
  7. Supporting each other during difficult times
  8. Do most things together such as sleeping, bathing and eating
  9. Laugh at my jokes even though it is not funny


  1. Applicants must be older than 21 and not more than 29 years old
  2. Applicants must be willing to stay in Penang
  3. No experience needed
  4. Applicants must be attractive with appropriate height and weight
  5. Applicants must be willing to work at odd hours
  6. Preferred spoken language: English/Hokkien
  7. Minimum academic qualification: bachelor degree
  8. Good personality, intelligent, kind and understanding
  9. Advantage will be given to applicants with additional skills such as cooking, house cleaning and childcare
  10. Applicants must enjoy outdoor activities such as sports and traveling

Interested applicants, please submit your resume with your most recent photograph. Successful applicant will be considered for life time contract after 1 or 2 years probation period.

I bet most girl will run away after looking at this. It sounds like the worst job in the world. High responsibilities and demanding requirements without remuneration certainties.

In real life, it doesn’t work that way. No one can put condition for true love because love works in a funny way. I may fall in love with someone older, someone who stay faraway from me, someone who is not considered attractive in public opinion because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, someone who can only speak in language that I don’t speak, someone who is not highly educated, someone who does not have the skills and quality I’m looking for or someone who is not active because for all I care, she is the right one when…

  1. I can’t keep my eyes off her because just looking at her make me feel my life is complete.
  2. I like doing things I never enjoyed doing before just because she likes it.
  3. I will think of her and wonder is she doing OK whenever she is not around.
  4. I feel comfortable being with her.
  5. All problems seem solve by itself when she hugs me.
  6. I wanted to kiss her every morning when I wake up, every night before I go to sleep or whenever I see her regardless where we are.
  7. She can cheer me up just looking at things she does naturally. No effort needed.
  8. I feel she is the most important person in my life and life will not be the same without her.
  9. and most importantly, she feels the same on me.

I felt all that before. They are my ex-lovers. Life being life, nothing last forever. Even something as beautiful as love has to come to an end one day. However, that is not an excuse for me to avoid love. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

So on this Valentine’s day, I would like to wish all my ex-lovers…

  1. I hope you have found true happiness wherever you are and whatever you do.
  2. I hope you will grow old together with your love one and have a happy family.
  3. I hope you have moved on and let go of the past just like how I did. Life is too short to dwell in things that have passed.
  4. I hope you live the life you are proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

To those who have found the magic of Valentine’s Day with someone special, appreciate the moment and be thankful because it is just another ordinary day to some people.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. juarez fong /

    seems like i read this late….anyway live is beautiful if u found the right one! but it is nightmare if u r not! anyway live is a gamble!

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