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Aug 19

I love to make new friends when I travel. Sometimes, they would visit me and I am more than eager to bring them to every places of interest Penang, stay in the best Penang hotel or eat the best Penang food. But the problem is I make a really lousy tourist guide. Sometimes I got lost on the road. Don’t be surprise to see me holding a Penang tourist map if I ever bring you sight seeing around Penang.

It would not be right to learn about other places when I know little about my own home state; Penang. That is why I created – The Unofficial Penang Travel Guide.

Currently the guide is separated into these categories…

Places to eat

I think the best attraction of Penang is the food. It is cheap and delicious. When I come back from any long overseas trip, the first thing I do is head to the nearest hawker center. If KL is a city that never sleep, then Penang must be a city that never stop eating. You can find places to eat at every corner. Because of that, it is impossible for me list out every places to eat in Penang. I will only list out those places that are well known among locals.

Places to stay

There are plenty of hotels, service apartments, guest houses and resorts in Penang that meets every budget range. Find all of them there.

Places of interest

When I was compiling all the places of interest in Penang, I realize I haven’t been to almost half of the places listed there. I even never heard about some of them before. It is a good thing that I have them now in the database. I can visit them and get more information to share with everyone soon.


I am not a shopping person. I only go to shopping complexes when I want to watch some movies. Shopping is never on my list to do when I travel. That is why I am surprise to find so many places to shop in Penang from flea markets to huge shopping complexes.


See where I hang out on Saturday night.

The Festivals
One thing my overseas friends like about Malaysia is the number of holidays we have. We celebrate all kind of festivals. Penang is never short of it. The best time to visit Penang is of course when we are celebrating these festivals.

Things to do
What to do in Penang? Plenty! That’s why I love Penang. I can do all kind of water sport from canoeing to wind surfing, having durian feast in Balik Pulau or simply relaxing in a spa. I will try to list out all my favorite activities there.

The best thing about is anyone is encouraged to get involve in it. Any visitors or penangites who have visited the places listed in the guide can rate or comment it so that anyone who wish to visit them in future can get an unbiased point of view. On top of that, anyone can suggest new places that I might have missed out. It will help me know my very own state better.

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  1. Jaemmae /

    Evergreen is the place to go for the best buffet lunch. They’ve got the tastiest bread pudding.

    SS? try Mois instead. Better music.

    p/s : the char koay teow looks extremely spicy >.<“

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