Vientiane, Asia’s French city (Day 14 – Day 16)

Mar 15

After 2 weeks, I have finally reached my destination; Vientiane and I still have 1 full day to explore the city before I fly back to Malaysia. When I reached Vientiane from Vang Vieng by van (40,000 kips), it was already 4 pm. The van dropped me at Setthathirat Road. This is the focal point of Vientiane where most guest houses concentrated. After searching for a place to stay for few hours, I finally decided to stay in Syri 2 Guest House. It was pretty decent and it was not too expensive (USD $14.42 for 2 nights).

I began to explore the city on the second day and the cheapest way to do that is by taking bus no. 11 (walking). Armed with a photocopied map from the guest house, I walked for 5 hours and visited 3 main attractions of the city; Wat Si Saket, Patuxai and Pha That Luang.

Am I in Paris?

A brief introduction of Wat Si Saket. Entrance fee is 5,000 kips.

One of the many statues of Buddha in the temple.

More statues.

Wat Si Saket; the oldest temple in Vientiane.



View of Wat Si Saket from outside.

I had my breakfast near Talat Sao market before continue my journey to Patuxai.

My sinfully delicious breakfast; sandwich made of Baguette with pork, ham and meat floss.

Patuxai or Victory Monument is Vientiane’s version of Arc de Triomphe. It is also known as the vertical runway because it was built with cement donated by the USA for the construction of a new airport.



Carvings on Patuxai’s ceiling depicting Hindu mythology.

Stairway leading to the top of Patuxai.

View of Vientiane from the top of Patuxai

View of Vientiane from the other side of Patuxai


This beautiful golden stupa is call Pha That Luang.

Admiring the golden stupa.


Compound surrounding the golden stupa

Unknown monument nearby Pha That Luang

My last meal in Laos before flying back to Malaysia.

This post ends my 2 weeks backpacking adventure across Indochina. Thank you for following this little adventure of mine. Bigger adventure is coming soon. Stay tune!


  1. It’s greast. It make me happy when I saw the pics. I visited there 2 yeras ago at the same place as you. Thanks so much.

  2. Nice place i am also interested to visit vientiane..Hopefully your trip comments could guide me looks very interesting

  3. this place in vietnam? looks like a quite place to me…but the sandwich looks yummy.

  4. hi, is me again. May i know is ‘Pha That Luang’ opening on monday? I read some website said is closed on Monday. Because i only can stay a night in Vientiane, so if Pha That Luang is closed on Monday, i have to change my route go to Vang Vieng 1st instead of Vientiane. Do u still remember ‘Pha That Luang’ opening days? Thanks.

  5. It’s ok, thanks.

  6. I’ve just did my Indochina Trip last february. All in 12 days but a reaL dash & go trip. I’ve learned a few tips in your blog and at the end of the day I am glad me & my two friends did it and come back in one whole piece. I love Vang Vieng & Vientiane…Luang Prabang is just too touristy. Kwang Si waterfall is great though.

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