Langkawi Holiday – Zackry Guest House

Sep 03

I always prefer guest houses over hotel when I travel because it is cheaper. For me, I don’t really need room service, TV, mini fridge, fancy painting hanging on the wall, balcony, sea view, bath tub, window or fruit basket. All that matters to me is a comfortable, safe and clean place to sleep. After all, I don’t stay in the room most of the time. Guest houses also offers a kind of warm and friendly atmosphere where you can interact with fellow travelers from all parts of the World. I found all that in Zackry Guest House where I stayed on my recent Langkawi trip.

After going through some reviews on the guest house on few online travel portals, I decided to try my luck and made a booking through

The place is covered with a lot of plants, making it cool even in the afternoon.

It has pantry..

You can make your toast and coffee anytime you wish for free.

It has its own coffee maker.

You can keep your food fresh in the shared fridge.

Cold beers, soft drinks and mineral water are available. Just take it and pay during check out. Totally based on honesty. I like the honesty concept.

The TV area…

Area where we drink…

Internet access is provided. Wifi is free but if you don’t bring your own laptop, you can use the computers in the common area. It only cost RM3 per hour. After usage, all you need to do is to put the money in the cash box. Like the drinks, it is based on honesty. No one is there to monitor your usage or payment.

I really enjoyed my stay there. I wish I had more time hanging with other travellers and Zac there.

Here is Zac with me before parting ways…


  1. Chan May Ling /

    Hi Ben,
    Re yr hols in Langkawi at Zackry…May I ask – wld appreciate yr advice/frank opinion:

    My fren holiday in Langkawi Nov08. Her 2 frens are booked @FrangiPani Resort Hotel by London Travel agent but she’s on budget. Is it safe for her to stay Zackry Guest Hse,swim in the sea at Pantai Tengah, walk abt esp to FrangiPani? All 3 English folk arrive Msia diff times but tog in Lkwi for abt 5-6 days.


  2. Hi May Ling,

    I am not very sure the exact location of FrangiPani, but she can always rent a bicycle or motorbike.

  3. Praggipani is just 250 meters away to zackry guest house on the same street

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