Puerto Princesa – Where is the rubbish?

Jul 24

This is yet another phlog (photo blog). Palawan is our main destination and it is a huge island. The time it takes to drive from here to El Nido at the northern tip of the island is as long as driving from Penang to Johor. We arrived by Philippines Airlines around afternoon. We decided to stay here 2 nights and discover the town before continue our journey to EL Nido. All I can say about the town is it is the cleanest town I have seen in Philippines. The main attractions are all located away from the town. Not wanting to waste more time on the road, we tried out the nearest places of interested listed in the tourist map such as the white beach. Even though it was not up to our expectation, we had fun nevertheless. See it yourself…


  1. pitty star fish kena bully

    • no la. i just add some excitement in their boring life. anyway, welcome to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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