Caving in Gua Tempurung

Jul 26

I woke up early yesterday to do some spelunking in Gua Tempurung. Gua Tempurung is the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia. To reach there, I have to take the North-South Expressway and exit at the Gopeng exit in Perak. I wondered why I did not visit such a beautiful cave when I was studying nearby 8-9 years ago. The cave is manage by a private company appointed by the state government. To explore the cave, we have 4 tour packages to choose from. To see what are the packages, click here. We choose the most challenging package; Tour no. 4, the Grand Tour. It costs RM22 per person and it comes with a guide. Even though there are concrete paths, stairs and lighting in the cave, it only leads until the end of tour package no 2. After that, the routes are not marked and dark. We have to rely on our guide and flash lights to find our ways. That is when the fun begins. We have to squeeze through holes in the ground, duck-walk and commando-style crawling in shallow underground river, slide down almost vertical slope and walk like an ape-man in a low ceiling area. The only hazards we would most probably get are sore bum, knocking our head on the rock and getting sands into our underwear and shoe. What I like most about the cave is some of the chambers are really huge. I don’t think any man made buildings can match the magnitude of Gua Tempurung.


  1. I was there last wed too! I tried tour no4, and it was really impressive! Too bad I dint bring along my camera!

    I love the last part of water trail the most! Lots of nice nice stalactites!

    • Hehehe… yeah. I read your blog. You have been to some really nice places in my wish list. Keep it up.

  2. just went there last week. Great pictures!

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