The journey to El Nido

Jul 26

After 2 nights in Puerto Princesa, we continued our journey to a small town call El Nido located at the northern tip of Palawan. The journey itself was nothing short of exciting. The cheapest way is by local bus and like the local bus I took in Laos, is has all the weird cargo from live chickens to motorbike. What I enjoyed the most during the more than 9 hours journey was riding on the rooftop of the bus. We had the best view, fresh air and all the sun.

P/S – There are so many pending posts of my past travels but I had limited time or too lazy to write them. So from now onward, I will maintain my blog in this new format; a paragraph of summary on the top and continue by a photo gallery with short caption below each photo. Some call this phlog, short for photo blog. There will not be a long post unless I have the time and inspiration to write them.


  1. Is a good experience seat at the rooftop of the bus and have a 360′ panorama view.
    but just wonder that no rain & sun bun meh?
    Will go to El Nido at next year March.

  2. great shots… nice photo blog, love the bus pictures

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