Vietnamese Coffee

Jul 04

This is how it looks like when they serve the coffee. The candle at the bottom keeps the coffee hot.

The metal cup contain a filter that holds the crush coffee bean. Hot water is pour in the metal cup.

The coffee will drip in to the cup below.

And it is ready to drink. Genius isn’t it?


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  2. connie /

    can i knw where can get 3 in 1 Veitnam coffee?

  3. Connie: I think you can find anywhere in Hanoi.

  4. Sonny Phan /

    Connie: You can try G7(popular and it won’t let you sleep), Vinacafe(classic and you can have a nice dream), or Saigon Wake-up coffee(new, and has characteristics of both G7 and Vinacafe). They are sold with boxes of 18-20 packs/box, you can look for them in every grocery store.

    You can also try Nescafé made from Vietnamese coffee beans. It tastes nice.

    If you want the filtered coffee, try Trung Nguyen. You can find it in Trung Nguyen café(s) which are clean and often large enough for a group of 50.
    (Trung Nguyen – the company with G7 instant coffee).

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