Falling in love with El Nido

Jul 27

Before I write anything about this place, I just wanna say; when I retire, I wanna stay here forever. That’s how much El Nido meant to me. Everything is so perfect in this quiet little town. I can never get enough of the sea, the lagoons, the people, the lifestyle, the seafood and the beaches of El Nido. What I like the most about this place is the unspoiled natural beauty. It is very rare to find a tourist attraction that looks better than its postcard. The highlights of El Nido is the hidden lagoons, the beaches and the limestone islands (almost similar to Halong Bay). However the best way to visit them is by signing up any of the tour packages offered by the tour agencies scattered all over the town or from your guesthouse. You cannot go on your own unless you own a boat. One thing for sure; El Nido has topped my “most beautiful places I have visited” list. I am not exaggerating. See it for yourself.

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  1. Which island tour package urs take? And how many of u? 6 pax per boat?
    Is the seafood fresh & cheap?

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