Scuba Diving in El Nido

Jul 27

After my first snorkeling tour in El Nido, I told myself I must scuba dive at least once in El Nido. That was exactly what I did on the second day which is also our last day in El Nido. I was so tempted by the crystal clear sea water. To imagine how clear was the sea water, buy a bottle of drinking water. The scuba package costs 2,500 peso (RM185) which is the standard price in Philippines. The package includes 2 boat dives and lunch. Even though the visibility was excellent, it wasn’t the best dive spot I have seen. Maybe it was due to dynamite fishing many years back before it was banned in El Nido. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the dives very much. It sure feels good to be down there again after stopped diving for almost 2 years.

Here are my dives log:

First dive
Dive site: North Rock
Time in: 10:33am
Bottom time: 56 minutes
Max depth: 25 meters
Ave depth: 15 meters

Second dive
Dive site: South Miniloc
Time in: 1:20pm
Bottom time: 59 minutes
Max depth: 19 meters
Ave depth: 12 meters

After that, we continued our journey back to Manila by a cargo boat, which is also the beginning of our nightmare. You can read about the boat journey and the nightmare here.

With this, I conclude my one week escapade in Philippines.

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