Exploring India 2009 – Shimla

Oct 21


Shimla is one of the three hill stations in India. The other two are located in Darjeeling and Nilgiri. All three are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The only reason I wanted to come here is to try out the narrow gauge toy train from Shimla to Kalka. From Kalka, I can take another train to Delhi. Like any other state capital in India, Shimla is a little bit crowded to my liking. I explored the town a little bit before I began my journey to Kalka via the train on the next day. I must say the train ride was the most memorable train ride I ever had in my life. It feels more like an amusement park’s ride than a public transport. Although it didn’t move as fast as those conventional trains in India, the journey was very enjoyable with beautiful scenery along the way. Meal was included in the train ticket. Having my Thali meal on board as the train slowing chugged downhill passing through hundreds of tunnels with cool breeze and sunset view from my window was indeed an unforgettable experience.


  1. Hey Ben… my bf n i will be backpacking to India as well. Im jus wondering… how did u travel from Shimla to Amritsar?

    • No. I traveled from Shimla to Kalka. From Kalka, I can take another train to Delhi.

  2. erme harlini /

    hye, i want to know. did u stay in shimla or it just a one day trip.

    i;m goin to delhi this march.


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