Exploring India 2009 – Kolkata (Calcutta)

Oct 26


So here I am in Kolkata, the last city before I leave India. Unlike other major cities in India namely Mumbai and New Delhi, Kolkata has a distinctive feature as arts and cultural centre of India.

Even though I was going to leave the country very soon, I still have to endure few challenges. When I was there, India was hit by heat wave. In some parts of the country, the temperature rose as high as 46 deg Celsius and Kolkata was not spared. To make things worse, the whole city blackout from early evening until midnight making the heat became more unbearable. I strolled along the streets in darkness looking for a place to escape the heat. Luckily few big shops and restaurants have their own power generator. I ended up having my dinner in KFC and spend the rest of my night buying Hindi musics and Bollywood movies in an entertainment store. Both have air-cond. The power finally resumed around midnight. Hoping that I could finally sleep comfortably, but I still sweat on my bed even though the fan was on full blast, windows opened and I was shirtless.

The next morning in the guest house, I bumped into Marcel whom I met in Mumbai. We were surprised to see each other again. Together, we explored the city little bit, enjoyed some cultural shows, indulged in some Bengali food and shopped for some souvenirs. During one of our exploration in a crowded local bus, I was almost became a victim of pick pocket. Luckily, I was alert and caught the man red handed. I let him go with a warning. Some of the passengers were very concerned and let me have their seat. The bus conductor even gave me advise to be careful.

It has been a long journey for me. More than one month ago, I stepped into this country expecting the worst. Well, it was indeed the worst but it was also the best place I have visited. Aside from losing some weight and got plenty of sun tan, I’m glad I have survived the journey. Now I am heading into Bangladesh to catch my flight back home. I hope everything will go smoothly.

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