Langkawi Holiday – Island Hopping and Eagle Feeding

Sep 04

On the third day which is our last day holidaying in Langkawi, we decided to go for island hopping and eagle feeding tour.

After having our breakfast at Breakfast Bar, we followed Zac to Awana Porto Malai for the tour. We paid RM40 each.

The Breakfast Bar

Actually the place is over crowded and under staffed. Expectantly the food comes late and below standard.

We depart from a marina near Awana Porto Malai.

Pregnant Maiden Island or Pulau Dayang Bunting. Do you see a shape of a pregnant lady lying down on her back? That’s how the island got its name.

We have reach the jetty of the Pulau Dayang Bunting.

Resident of the island

Another resident of the island

High vertical wall beside the lake of Dayang Bunting

Army of ant on our trail.

The fresh water lake of Dayang Bunting

The beach and rock that separate the fresh water lake and the sea.

Tiny caves on the beach. Is any treasure hidden inside there?

Nah… confirm don’t have

Akir and me.

On the viewing platform

Another group photo on the viewing platform

On the way back to the jetty, we stop by for a fish spa (it’s free). This is the official look during fish spa session. Instead of using garra ruffa, this fish spa is using cat fish.

No wonder not many fish come to us. One guy with really stinky feet is over there. Just kidding. He has bread to lure the fish.

Next stop is eagle feeding. We don’t have to do anything. The boat man will throw pieces of meat to the sea and swarm of eagles will clear it out in just few minutes. Honestly, I never see so many eagles at one place before.


This is our last stop; Beras Basah Island.

The beach and water is quite nice.

I couldn’t help myself, so I took the plunge into the sea with hot babes around me.

With that, it concludes my 3 days holiday in Langkawi.


  1. Hi, noted your island hopping tour at langkawi. May I know how can I contact the agent u engaged? RM40 each person is cheaper than those i saw in internet.

  2. Just go directly to Awana Porto Malai and you can get the tour from the counter over there.

  3. Maskrubber /


    May I know the prices of the eagle feeding.Im not going on the tour,im just going by myself.

  4. Anonymous /

    I recommend you trying to learn some grammar or strengthen your English before trying to write anything. All those mistakes give me eye sores.

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