Stop over at Zhuhai

Sep 09

This is a long overdue post.

After the dreadful bus ride, we reached a small city in China call Zhuhai. Boy, how glad I was to alight from the bus. After savouring the fresh air in the busy Gongyun bus terminal for few minutes, I proceeded to hunt down my first real Chinese cuisine after 2 weeks of Vietnamese food. We ended up in a restaurant recommended by a friend from China. If not mistaken the Cantonese name of the restaurant is call “Sek San” or God of Eating or something like that. It is within a stone throw away from the bus terminal. I ordered ‘Siu Loong Pau’ and fried rice sprinkled with golden fish (or prawn) roe. I forget to take any photo because 1) it was so delicious 2) and I was too hungry.

After the heavy breakfast, we strolled along Lian Hua (Lotus) street. It is a typical street hawking all kind of merchandise. For someone who is not into shopping, it gets bored after awhile. So we decided to explore the city a little bit more by taking the bus. After reaching somewhere near a beach, we decided to alight from the bus and explore more of the place by foot.

After few hours of walking, we pampered our tired legs and body with a massage session in one of the many spa centers available in Zhuhai. The best thing about spa in Zhuhai is you can enjoy the facility as long as you want. You can even overnight there! They give you a room with huge couch which is comfortable enough for sleeping. So now you know where to go if you can’t find a hotel room to sleep when you are in Zhuhai. The first thing we did after checking ourself into the spa center was take a long shower; washing away all the smell from the 15 hours bus ride. I never felt any fresher that day. After that, I indulged myself in one hour full body massage. I felt asleep half way. I must be very tired. We took our sweet time relaxing there. It was so peaceful and before we realized it, few hours have gone.

Since nothing much we can do over there, we decided not to waste anymore time and headed to our primary destination; Hong Kong! We took the last ferry from Zhu Hai to Hong Kong.

Here are some photos taken in Zhuhai.


  1. Connie /

    Thank you for the detailed write-up on India. I have been toying with the idea of visiting India but a bit worried whether I will be able to cope with it alone. I just got back from Tibet with a free and easy organised tour with the “Yongos” with 19 strangers. I have trips planned for Krabi and Macau and was browsing for info till I stumbled onto your website. Once again, thank you so much for sharing. I definitely has benefited from your experience.

  2. jenna /

    hi Ben, do you remember the name of the spa in Zhuhai?the place looks clean and cozy.


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