The Hardware List

Having a smart and automated home means buying a lot of gadgets and they are not cheap. But that doesn’t mean it is not achievable. Instead of buying everything in one go, you can buy them whenever there is a sales or as per your need. For me, I accumulated all the items listed in here over the course of 3 years. Perhaps you might own some of these items and you don’t even need to buy them.

The items recommended here are carefully selected for their affordability and reliability. You don’t want something that is cheap but stop working after few months or something that is ridiculously expensive while others are offering similar products with similar qualities at a fraction of its cost (hint; Xiaomi). I learnt all these from my own experience (and my pocket) and hopefully it helps you to spend your money wisely.

The Main Server

Right now I am using my DIY Synology NAS but I started with Raspberry Pi (Buy: Amazon, Lazada). In my opinion, Raspberry Pi is the easiest way to start with because most of the guides for Home Assistant is written for Raspberry Pi. Once you have grasped the concept of Home Assistant, then you can “upgrade” your server to a higher end server if you already have one running 24/7. Otherwise, don’t bother moving away from Raspberry Pi. It is capable enough to run Home Assistant especially on the latest Raspberry Pi 4 with up to 4GB of RAM.

However there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind when working on any Raspberry Pi project. First, you must use a really high quality SD card and make sure the power supply is sufficient for the Raspberry Pi model you are using. It is also good to have a heat sink installed and the casing is properly ventilated since you are going to run this 24/7.

Networking Equipments

  1. Asus RT-AC86U WiFi router
  2. Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise WiFi System AP-Pro (Buy: Amazon)
  3. IP-PBX
  4. TP-Link Switches

Xiaomi (Mijia) ecosystem

  1. Xiaomi Gateway Hub x 2 (Buy: Amazon, Banggood)
  2. Xiaomi Aqara wall switch (2-gang) x 1 (Buy: Amazon, Lazada)
  3. Xiaomi Aqara motion sensor x 8 (Buy: Amazon)
  4. Xiaomi temperature/humidity sensor x 4 (Buy: Amazon)
  5. Xiaomi door/window sensor x 24 (Buy: Amazon, Banggood)
  6. Xiaomi wireless button switch x 5 (Buy: Banggood)
  7. Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor x 1 (Buy: Amazon)
  8. Xiaomi smart plug x 1
  9. Roborock S50 robot vacuum cleaner x 1 (Buy: Amazon)

Amazon Alexa ecosystem

  1. Amazon Fire 7 tablet x 1 (Buy: Amazon)
  2. Amazon Echo x 3 (Buy: Amazon)
  3. Amazon Echo Dot x 3 (Buy: Amazon)
  4. Amazon Fire TV Stick x 2 (Buy: Amazon)
  5. Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa x 2

433Mhz wireless ecosystem

  1. 433Mhz PIR motion sensor x 8 (Buy: Amazon)
  2. 433MHz smoke/fire sensor x 1
  3. 433Mhz gas leak sensor x 1
  4. 433Mhz wireless socket x 5
  5. 433Mhz curtain PIR motion sensor x 4

BroadLink ecosystem

  1. BroadLink TC2 wall switch x 4 (1-gang)
  2. BroadLink TC2 wall switch x 3 (2-gang)
  3. BroadLink TC2 wall switch x 8 (3-gang)
  4. BroadLink RM Pro x 2 (Buy: Amazon)
  5. BroadLink RM Mini3 Black Bean x 3 (Buy: Amazon)

Z-Wave ecosystem

  1. Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (Buy: Amazon)
  2. GoControl Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (Buy: Amazon)
  3. LINEAR Z-Wave Siren/Strobe (Buy: Amazon)
  4. Yale Real Living Deadbolt Zwave (Buy: Amazon)

Sonoff ecosystem

  1. Sonoff Pow WiFi switch x 3 (Buy: Banggood)
  2. Sonoff basic WiFi switch x 1 (Buy: Banggood)


  1. Hikvision DS-2CD2132-IS camera x 7
  2. Aztech WIPC302 camera x 1
  3. Xiaomi Xiao Fang IP Camera x 1

Misc. devices

  1. ORVIBO WiWo-S20 Smart Socket x 2 (Buy: Amazon)
  2. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 x 1 (Buy: Amazon, Banggood)
  3. Q90 GPS kids smart watch x 1
  4. Jabra SPEAK510 speakerphone (Buy: Amazon)
  5. Old Samsung tablet x 1
  6. pi-top CEED x 1
  7. One robot x 1

I will teach you how to integrate everything together from the guides that I will post from time to time in the future. More items will be added into this page as I grow my smart home.

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