Xiaomi Enchen Boost vs. Enchen Hummingbird

Xiaomi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper vs. Xiaomi Enchen Hummingbird Hair Clipper

  1. Limit comb: Adjustable (3mm – 21mm) vs. 3 limit combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
  2. Hair length without comb: 0.7mm vs. 0.3mm
  3. Full charging time: 1.5 hours vs. 3 hours
  4. Full charge usage time: 90 minutes vs. 4 hours
  5. 90% charging time: 1 hour vs. N/A
  6. 90% charge usage time: 80 minutes vs. N/A
  7. Motor power: 5W vs. 10W
  8. Motor RPM: Low: 4500 RPM, High: 5800 RPM vs. 7100 RPM
  9. Noise level: 55db vs. 50db
  10. Blade material: Nanoceramics vs. Stainless Steel
  11. Weight: 127g vs. 148g
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