Feb 13

Sometimes, I will try my best to review certain movie worth reviewing and Atonement is certainly one of them. It is an excellent adaption from a novel by Ian McEwan.

Right after the screen credit appears, I jumped up from my warm bed and begin writing this entry. Even though I’m pretty much flat after hiking up and down BM hill early this evening plus lacking of sleep from last night, I felt the urge of sharing this excellent drama with everyone.

The acting from the main actors and actresses are superb. I’m personally feel Saoirse Ronan who plays the 13  years old Briony Tallis is very talented. The music is really addictive (it still plays in my head; tap… tap… tap…). The narration style was easy to follow. The scenery was so captivating. It brought me from the serene of English cottage to the wreck of war torn France.

I won’t spoil the ending for you. Go and watch it yourself.

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