White water rafting in Sungai Sedim

Oct 30

This is what I did on last weekend.

Adventurous water sports have always been my favorite past time. Other than white water rafting, I have tried wind surfing, which I failed miserably.

However, rafting is so much easier than wind surfing. It is very safe and no technical skills are needed. All you need is some energy for paddling. The rest is simply following instructions from the skipper.

I found out about Sungai Sedim few years back from a friend. Apparently, the place is popular for team building activities for workers from nearby Kulim High Tech Industrial Park. Before this, I have visited the place a couple of time simply for relaxing in the river. That’s when I found out about rafting activities is available. I was excited about the discovery because it means I don’t have to travel far for rafting anymore. Before this, the nearest rafting place for me was Sungai Kampar near Gua Tempurung.

The journey takes less than 50km via Butterworth-Kulim Expressway.

White water rafting in Sungai Sedim is managed by Rapid Fire Adventure SDN. BHD. There are 2 routes to choose from. One is the full route (5-6 hours) and the other is short route (1 hour). We took the short route because the full route need to have at least 8-10 people. Since it was only 3 of us, we have no other choice. Even though the route is short, there are enough rapids to keep our pants wet. Most of them are grade 4 rapids. Because it was raining heavily for the past one week prior to our visit, the water condition was excellent with huge volume of fast flowing chilling clear water.

Before we began our little adventure, we were briefed by the guides of few basic stuffs such as proper technique to hold the paddle and how to use it. We also had to go through a session of water confidence by leaping into the water from a rock which is more than 15 feet high.


Group photo before rafting

After that, all hell broke loose…



We went for tubing before going back. One thing is don’t under estimate tubing in Sungai Sedim because I got more bruises from tubing than from rafting. You need to wear life vest and helmet when tubing in Sungai Sedim.


  1. water activity is very cool, but have to bring a water proof camera to snap the nice moment…

  2. That’s true or you can get someone to take photo from the river side like how we did it. One of the guide actually followed us all along the river bank to take photo for us. That’s what I call service!

  3. hi…. i’ve been there 4years ago, the most adv. part is the ‘elbow fall’…. wahhh feel like jumping from 1 floor… takkkooottt

  4. Shahran /

    Just to let you know, I publish 1 of your photo including your blog address in my FB event. Hope you dont mind

  5. Can i know how m uch you pay for rafting at sg sedim.. me and my friends would like to try… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. u can check out price and others rafting packages at may site

  7. can you tell me how to contact who can arrange if me and my friend want to go there ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was just wondering how much did it cost for you to white water raft back in Sedim?

  9. RM180 per ride. it’s best activity door…

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