Halong Bay

Jul 26

Halong bay literally means “bay of the descending dragons” is yet another place with fantasy sounding name in Vietnam. It is famous for its limestone formation along the coastal area.

I was there for only 2 days which I feel is enough. The town is pretty boring. Except for seafood, there is nothing much to do there.

Unlike Hanoi, Halong bay is abundant of seafood. Naturally, all I had for 2 days are seafoods…

…and Ha Long beer. No kidding. They have their own brand and it is cheap.

Highlight of Halong Bay is of course the boat tour around the bay. I took up a package from a local agent who speaks fluent mandarin on the second day. It’s very hard to communicate in Vietnam because almost every Vietnamese know only one language and that is not English or Mandarin. So, I was glad to meet him and happily paid for the tour. However, I found out later from other tourist that what I have paid was more than the usual price. Lesson learned.

These are the boats that will ferry hordes of tourists to the bay

First stop is on an islet with 2 caves; Thien Cung Grotto and Dau Go Cave. Here are some views in the caves…

Look at the number of boats parked at the bay! No wonder the caves were so crowded.

Then I continued the journey on the boat for sight seeing…

They call this kissing rock

The boat stop again at one of the small floating seafood market.

You can buy all kind of seafood there including…


…and dog (just kidding!)

I also had my lunch on the boat.

Before ending the tour, the boat dropped me on a beach for some swim in the cold sea water.


  1. Esther /

    the tourist guide can speak fluent chinese, but can u?? no wonder kena conned lar, lol…

  2. Seafoods are very rich in Iodine too.`'”

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