Dec 15

I went to watch Twilight after the “What a Bloggiful World” event. Knowingly it is yet another chick flick, I went ahead anyway after it was highly recommended by one particular blogger who thinks having a handsome vampire watching over her bed when she sleep is a good idea.

True to my expectation, this movie smells like a chick flick from all directions. You know; pretty gals, cute guys, high school, prom night, romantic scene, all the usual stuffs that make any girl’s heart melt like butter on hot pan are there. Basically all the girls went crazy over the handsome vampire named Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson. I personally don’t think he is that great looking. His face just look like typical ‘ang moh’ to me (I’m gonna get so grilled for this!). Maybe his main attraction is his eyes with the thick eyebrow. I don’t know… maybe I don’t know how to “appreciate” a guy’s look.

Anyway, look aside. The movie certainly has its cool factor even though the love story is kinda lame. The girl (Bella) simply fall in love head over heel with Edward and all he need to do is to act cool and stay cool. How convenient. The young couple then faces challenges from both side of the society because of their differences. As predictable it is, they prove their true love by overcoming all the challenges. Overall the plots are loosely tied. But then again I like how the movie portray the vampires. The vampires in the movie avoid sunlight not because they will get fried, but because their skin will glitter like costume that Elvis wore on stage. So they have to hide from sunlight to prevent the human from spotting them. Another thing is, they do not have any fangs. However, they can bite and their bite are venomous. The venom can turn anyone into one of them. Honestly, with the vampire that cool, I really don’t mind getting bitten by them. But then again, can I live without good foods, sun and beaches? Maybe not.


  1. i think the movie quite nice, maybe it will oni attract gals..xD btw, i am new here, nice to meet u.

  2. Welcome Jolene. Thanks for visiting.

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