Enchen Sharp3S, is it better than Boost or Hummingbird?

Powerful 7300 RPM (No More Crying Kids Due to Hair Stuck) – ENCHEN Sharp3S is equipped with a silver-palladium alloy 300 motor, with a powerful 7,300 RPM and an ESM intelligent anti-card system, which gives an extremely smooth hair cutting experience. Easily cope with a variety of hair, smooth hair without leaking, and cut hair faster.

Alloy Cutter Head, Easily Cut Off Copper Wire, Automatic Grinding, Not Dull After Long Use – The cutter blade is made from martensitic steel with excellent quench hardening ability, high abrasion resistance and high strength, commonly found in surgical tools. The cutter head will grind automatically so that you don’t have to worry that it will go blunt over time.

R-Shaped Round Head, Sharp But Safe – The contact points of the cutter head and the skin are rounded for safety and comfort during the hair cutting process. The cutter head also undergone strict design and testing process to ensure safety during operation.

20-Segment Rotation Adjustment Length (Easy For Novice Parents) – ENCHEN Sharp3S hair clipper uses a knob-type positioning comb design, which can lock the haircut length ranging from 1-20mm. Just a slight turn on the knob will change the cutting length. No need to change the limiting comb anymore. So convenient even people without any experience can use it.

ESM Intelligent Anti-Stuck Hair, Double Protection, Double Energy Efficiency – ESM (Energy Smart Manager) intelligent integrated circuit system is the “brain” from Infineon. It consists of two modules: energy management and motor main control, which can ensure consistent high-speed even during low power. ESM also helps in extending the battery life and provide safety during charging processs. On top of that, the ESM provided battery indicator accurately display the status when the battery is low, charging, and fully charged.

Full Charge Can Use for 4 Months – Sharp 3S also supports fast charging, which can reach 90% of the charge in 1.5 hours. After that, it will switch to smart trickle charging, and will be fully charged in 2 hours. On full charge, the battery can last for more than 2 hours.

USB Interface, Use While Charging – You can continue to use the hair clipper while charging. The Sharp 3S uses the universal USB interface. You can charge the hair clipper using common devices such as power banks, computers, and USB charger.

Easy Hair Cutting For The Whole Family – Suitable for anyone from babies to old folks. Can cut your own hair in the comfort of your own home, without the noisy environment, anytime at your convenience, no need to waste time queing up at the barber shop and save money.

Xiaomi Enchen Boost vs. Enchen Hummingbird

Xiaomi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper vs. Xiaomi Enchen Hummingbird Hair Clipper

  1. Limit comb: Adjustable (3mm – 21mm) vs. 3 limit combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
  2. Hair length without comb: 0.7mm vs. 0.3mm
  3. Full charging time: 1.5 hours vs. 3 hours
  4. Full charge usage time: 90 minutes vs. 4 hours
  5. 90% charging time: 1 hour vs. N/A
  6. 90% charge usage time: 80 minutes vs. N/A
  7. Motor power: 5W vs. 10W
  8. Motor RPM: Low: 4500 RPM, High: 5800 RPM vs. 7100 RPM
  9. Noise level: 55db vs. 50db
  10. Blade material: Nanoceramics vs. Stainless Steel
  11. Weight: 127g vs. 148g

Launching of Ben’s Smart Home Online Shop

I am proud to announce that I have finally launched my very first online shop selling gadgets that I personally find useful in my own smart home setup. For starter, I am bringing in more than 20 products from various brands such as Amazon, Bose, Fitbit and Roku. I plan to bring in even more products soon once my deal with the suppliers are finalized.

You can visit it at https://shop.benleow.com/

3X Bonanza Sales

To celebrate the launching of my online shop and also in conjunction to 12.12 promotion and Christmas sales, I am giving HUGE discounts to all the products in my catalog with some discount reach up to 52%. It is truly a triple bonanza sales! This sales starts from 12th to 31st December 2019. So hurry because the stocks are limited.

Amazon launches 3 new Wearable Echo Devices and 5 new Echo Devices for Home

If you love Alexa like I do, then this news will excite you beyond imagination. You see, when I started to integrate Alexa into my home around 2 years ago, I always felt something was missing during my interaction with Alexa. When I got my first Mi Band fitness tracker, it hit me that the missing piece was a wearable device for Alexa. So I promptly sent an email to Amazon suggesting to them that they should develop wearable devices that users can interact with Alexa on the go. They thank me for the suggestion and even sent me a $20 gift voucher for that. So much for a multi-million idea.

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Google Broke My Smart Home

I was using Google Home Mini to track my presence in my room by tracking my Mi Band 3 which I wear 24/7. It was working fine until Google decided to send an update to my Home Mini and take away that functionality. Why Google? Why must you take away the only reason of your existence in my home? I regretted that I did not block the Internet access on the Home Mini in my firewall. Now, I have to unplug it and find another alternative.